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Therapy and Counselling Over Telephone and Skype At Fresh Mind Therapy

For your convenience and confidence, Fresh Mind Therapy offers counselling over the phone and using Skype.

How to book

  1. Contact Fresh Mind Therapy at 020 7123 4567 or fill out contact form
  2. Pay for your session via Paypal
  3. Arrange a time and day for your session
  4. Call or Skype your therapist on the designated number or I.D

What are the benefits of phone or Skype therapy?

Phone/Skype therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals who:

  • Do not have access to a therapist nearby
  • Are anxious or embarrassed about going into a therapy clinic
  • Do not have the time to get to and from our offices
  • Travel extensively for work
  • Live in a foreign country and do not speak the language
  • Cannot get to a therapist due to lack of mental or physical capability
  • Are depressed and unmotivated
  • Have small children at home and are the primary carer

Pricing / Fees

To see our therapy session fees, please click here.
All fees are payable in advance of the session.