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Counselling at Fresh Mind Therapy

What is counselling?

Based on integrated psychological research, counselling is a therapeutic practice which helps you overcome emotional problems through discussion.

Counselling sessions at Fresh Mind Therapy last 50 minutes each and will help you to examine the issue and explore the underlying triggers which may have caused it. Counselling can help with a diverse range of problems including trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bereavement, relationship problems, mental health issues and addiction.

What will happen in my initial counselling session?

The aim of your first counselling session will be to:

  • Establish your therapeutic relationship with your counsellor
  • Discuss your problem(s) and the history of your issue(s)
  • Assess your mental health and medical history
  • Assess your family history
  • Discuss and establish your therapy goals

After the first session, you will generally meet your counsellor on a weekly basis until the presenting issues improve and the progress becomes about maintenance. Counselling requires the commitment of both you and your counsellor, as it is essential for the effectiveness of the therapy.

What techniques will my counsellor use?

Our Fresh Mind counsellors use a variety of therapy approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Psychodynamic psychotherapy and Person-centred Therapy.

We will always use the techniques or approach deemed the most appropriate for your problem.

How is a counselling different to psychiatry?

Unlike psychiatrists, counsellors and psychotherapists do not prescribe medication. Counselling focuses on the practise of proven interactive techniques.

If medication is necessary, we will collaborate with a psychiatrist to obtain the medical support you need to move forward.

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