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Help and Support for Children with Children’s Therapy

What kinds of challenges are children faced with?

While many of us are naturally intuitive to our child’s needs, sometimes it can be hard to tell if there is an on-going or unresolved issue they are struggling with.

Being in a constant state of growth, we know that children are faced with a range of healthy daily challenges however one or more of them may be causing on-going problems and may not immediately be evident to us as parents or guardians. A death in the family for example, might have an obvious emotional impact on your child however with an issue such as progressive bullying, the signs can be subtle and we may get no answers when approaching them.

Potential issues in children:

  • Trauma (past or recent)
  • Abuse from an adult, either physical or mental
  • Abuse from another child/bullying
  • Academic difficulties
  • Communication problems
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harm
  • Phobia
  • Gender and sexuality challenges
  • Eating problems, eating disorders
  • Grief
  • Difficulty coping with a diagnosed physical or mental condition
  • Recovery from long-term illness

What are the signs that my child could need professional help?

The following list of symptoms is not exhaustive and can apply to a range of different problems.

The two key aspects to consider are duration and progression.

  • Withdrawal from activity
  • Uncharacteristic shyness or silence
  • Uncharacteristic anger, bad moods or physical outbursts
  • Hiding away
  • Fear of interaction, of certain activities or of certain environments
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficulty or resistance to eating
  • Difficulty sleeping (if unusual)
  • Sudden phobia
  • Unexplained pain (always seek medical help from your G.P first)
  • Anxious, obsessive behaviours/rituals

How do therapy sessions for children work?

At Fresh Mind Therapy, we provide a safe, non-judgemental environment in which to help your child overcome their issues.

We have experience with children and children’s problems and are dedicated to helping them move forward swiftly and happily. Children under 16 years will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian and give written consent to psychotherapy treatment. For more details about children, therapy and the law click here (

Therapy sessions will help your child to:

  • Communicate their feelings in a gentle, safe and neutral environment
  • Identify the underlying causes of their behaviour
  • Examine belief and emotion patterns surrounding their behaviour
  • Address associated issues such as anxiety or depression
  • Increase trust and confidence
  • Prevent future issues

If you think your child needs professional help, click here (link) to make an appointment with one of our Fresh Mind therapists