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Overcoming Sexual Problems and Sexual Dysfunction

How can sex be a problem and what are the facts?

Sexual problems are common and come in a variety of forms. Many of us have difficulty discussing sex and can feel sensitive and ashamed, leaving problems to fester over long periods of time. However, most of these problems are not medical and can be treated effectively with the help of psychotherapy and counselling. Sexual difficulties can be triggered by trauma, relationship problems, pregnancy and health issues. About 40-45% of adult women and 20-30% of adult men present with one sexual dysfunction.

Main sexual dysfunctions among men

  • Erectile dysfunction (inability to have or sustain a strong enough penile erection for sexual intercourse)
  • Retarded ejaculation (inability to reach climax easily, or at all)
  • Sexual addiction
  • Loss or reduction of libido
  • Sexual aversion (a very strong dislike for particular aspects of sex, often leading to avoidance of sex altogether)

Main sexual dysfunctions among women

  • Lack of physiological responsiveness e.g. lack of lubrication
  • Anorgasmia (inability to or difficulty reaching a climax)
  • Loss or reduction of libido
  • Dyspareunia (intense pain in sexual intercourse)
  • Sexual addiction

How can counselling and therapy help me with a sexual problem?

Our psychosexual counselling (sex therapy) explores the underlying causes of your sexual problems and helps you regain confidence and clarity about sex. Stress, performance anxiety, depression, boredom and relationship problems can all be factors which influence your sex life and these factors will be addressed during your sessions which will help you to:

  • Explore the psychological causes of your sexual difficulties and work through them
  • Identify particular thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to current sexual difficulties
  • Remove shame, guilt, embarrassment and other unhelpful emotions from sexual activities
  • Develop techniques and skills necessary to overcome sexual problems
  • Take manageable steps which meet your comfort level and needs

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