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Overcoming Phobia with Counselling & Therapy

What is phobia and how does it affect us?

Phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder whereby the sufferer has an irrational fear or dread when faced with a particular situation, living creature, place or object. A phobic person will go to great lengths to avoid the perceived danger and, if confronted with the source of their phobia, will suffer a great deal of distress.

When does fear become a phobia?

The experience of fear from time to time in our daily lives is normal however, when this fear is exaggerated and persistent it can become a deeper problem. Phobias can be so significant that they reduce quality of life, affect interpersonal relationships and cause problems at work. Our counselling treatment uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and is highly effective at reducing the symptoms and managing the phobia.

Which phobias can our Fresh Mind therapists help you with?

There are thousands of known phobias and our therapists can work with any of them. Here are some examples of common phobias we have worked with:

  • Fear of animals or insects
  • Fear of objects
  • Fear of people (social phobia)
  • Fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia)
  • Fear of being in public places (agoraphobia)

How can phobia therapy and counselling help?

At Fresh Mind Therapy, our phobia counselling is tailored entirely to your needs. Our psychotherapists will help you find effective ways to manage your phobia, reducing the impact it has on your everyday life. Therapy sessions will help you to:

  • Reduce the negative thoughts and behaviours that maintain your current phobia
  • Understand the causes of your phobia
  • Identify triggers related to your phobia and challenge them
  • Develop improved coping strategies to manage your fears and anxiety

If you’re tired of living with a phobia, get in touch with us now for help