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Therapy for Parents – Support and Help for Parenting Issues

Kids…what are the real challenges of raising a child?

Most of us want to do whatever we can to help our children grow into healthy, happy, responsible adults. However there is little doubt that parenting is one of life’s most challenging tasks and yet we receive little formal training or education to prepare us! Although children may appear uncomplicated, each has a unique personality requiring varying levels of attention and support in order to develop. A parent’s work is unpredictable, emotionally challenging and can at times leave the best of us feeling frustrated, sad, inadequate or confused. Here are some of the all-too-familiar parenting challenges:

  • Difficulty controlling anger towards children and other family members
  • Low confidence in parenting style
  • Disagreements with partner about raising children
  • Regular or increasingly challenging interactions with children
  • Children’s academic problems
  • Work stress influencing the mood at home
  • Coping with mental health or medical problems in the parents or children
  • Difficult home-life with partner
  • Single parenting challenges
  • Divorce or separation issues affecting children

When a lot is too much…how can counselling and therapy help me with parenting difficulties?

First and foremost, Fresh Mind Therapy provides you with the space to talk openly and without judgement about your parenting concerns. Secondly, we give you the support you need to overcome current and future issues. For some of you, it may be about developing a skill framework in which healthy routine, open and calm communication and crisis management are prioritised. For others, it may be about merely adjusting to being a parent and addressing your own emotional and relationship needs. Working with a counsellor or psychotherapist will help you to:  

  • Address concerns about parenting
  • Improve your understanding of and insight into your personal parenting style
  • Develop skills for easier parenting
  • Improve your communication skills within the family
  • Manage symptoms of anxiety and low self-confidence or address depression
  • Let go of any and all unhelpful feelings and behaviour, past or present, related to parenting

If you are experiencing parenting difficulties, get in touch with us now to discuss how we can help you to have a happier family life