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Bereavement Counselling for Grief & Loss

What does bereavement really entail?

For many of us, bereavement is something we hoped never to experience and something we are never fully prepared for, no matter the circumstances. In therapeutic terms, bereavement is a set of normal psychological and physical reactions suffered following the loss of a loved one, a cherished object or a key relationship. It also refers to the loss of employment or health. Symptoms can vary, for example, you may experience deep sadness, but also anger or relief. You may feel the urge to withdraw from other people. Prolonged or overwhelming bereavement can seriously impair daily function and at Fresh Mind Therapy we can help you manage these feelings and regain control of your life.

Typical psychological and physical reactions to bereavement:

  • Longing (to reunite with the lost object or loved one)
  • Guilt
  • Numbness
  • Anger
  • Hopelessness
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness or despair
  • Loss of interest and withdrawal from life
  • Reduced concentration

People often talk about the ‘stages of mourning.’ What are these stages?

  1. Shock – Disbelief about the death or loss
  2. Denial – You might try to tell yourself that life is just the same as it was before the loss
  3. Anger – Thinking ‘why did this happen to me?’ or continuing to believe that you have always been an unlucky person
  4. Guilt – Blaming yourself for the death or loss
  5. Depression – This includes symptoms such as sleepiness, irritability, changes in appetite, physical pains, loss of motivation and social withdrawal (see also ‘Depression’ under ‘Issues Treated’)
  6. Acceptance – Realising that life must go on. Symptoms finally become less intense and less frequent, allowing you to regain your energy and motivation

How can counselling & psychotherapy help with bereavement?

Bereavement counselling gives you the support you need during each of these stages and helps you to effectively manage the day to day effects of loss. At Fresh Mind Therapy, our therapists have extensive training and experience in supporting individuals through bereavement. Your treatment will be focused on:

  • Understanding the stages of bereavement and the significance of your loss
  • Processing and overcoming your particular bereavement reactions
  • Resolving additional problems associated with loss such as depression or anxiety
  • Helping you develop a new and improved sense of self

Don’t suffer alone. Call us now to organise a consultation with a bereavement counsellor or psychotherapist.