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Help for Anger Management

When does anger become a problem?

Anger is an emotion and like other emotions, it is natural and not necessary problematic. Many of us may feel some sort of anger once a day, particularly if we live in London! When anger is excessively severe or frequent however, or when it leads to behaviours that may be a danger to yourself or others, it is an issue which needs to be addressed. If untreated, anger can have an increasingly negative impact on interpersonal relationships, physical health, workplace community and confidence.

Signs of an anger problem

  • Uncontrollable explosive outbursts
  • Domestic Violence
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Alcohol, drug or other dependences

I often feel very angry. How can anger management counselling and psychotherapy help me?

Anger management counselling can help with all levels of anger from frequent, mild irritation to explosive outbursts of rage. Anger management therapy sessions will help you to

  • Recognise and understand the root causes of your anger/irritability
  • Examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to and maintaining angry states
  • Identify your anger triggers
  • Improve your communication skills and self-expression to reduce angry episodes
  • Learn techniques and tools to prevent future outbursts and manage anger long-term

If you feel that your anger is out of control, we can help. Get in touch with us now for support