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Dealing with the unknown: managing anxiety about the future

Not recently has there been an international news story so anxiously talked about, analysed and predicted as the decline of the missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370. People across the world remain tensely gripped and theories continue to be banded about over the media as both experts and the masses try to piece together the mostRead More

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Fresh thinking with our new look New Fresh Mind Therapy

  Spring is finally here! And if you’re reading this blog right now, you’ll be aware that at Fresh Mind Therapy we’ve been growing and flourishing ourselves! For a start we’ve changed our name from ‘Healthy Mind for a Healthy Life’ to ‘Fresh Mind Therapy.’ We feel that this name better reflects the swift andRead More

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Really need more work? 5 Tips to Help You Address Work Addiction

Workaholism – showing off or a real problem? Despite our hectic modern world, work addiction is still not taken seriously. We often see that well-known picture of a wife referring to her husband as a ‘workaholic’ because he’s forgotten their anniversary, or a colleague teasing another when a post-work beer is refused in favour ofRead More

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CBT – How does it work?

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? CBT is a branch of psychotherapy based on well-established research. The core idea of CBT is that a person’s behaviour patterns and emotional reactions are strongly influenced by the thoughts they have about that situation. In other words, how we think and interpret an event affects how we feel andRead More

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Panic Attacks – the Sudden Stress Signal

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is an unexpected episode of intense fear that manifests through physical symptoms: Heart palpations Sweating Trembling Hot flushes Chills Shortness of breath Feeling of choking Chest pain Nausea Dizziness Feeling faint Numbness Dry mouth Fear of dying Shaking It is estimated that one out of every hundredRead More

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How are you coping? Work Stress Management Tips from Fresh Mind Therapy

‘I’m fine. No really…I’m fine!’ Respond to stress signals early and reduce the strain Here in London, many of us assume that stress is a daily given and have difficulty recognising it until it makes us physically ill. Many of us may even feel guilty about being stressed and think that we should be ableRead More

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