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CBT for public speaking anxiety

We’ve all but a very few experienced it – public speaking anxiety. Whether it was our first and only time speaking or whether we have an on-going issue with presenting at work or college, public speaking can bring us searing levels of anxiety and put us under enormous emotional and physical stress before, during and even afterRead More

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Baby blues: the reality of postnatal depression

Postnatal depression – a silent but serious mental illness Many of us will have heard of Postnatal Depression (PND) from TV shows like Casualty or Doctors, or if we have been concerned for someone perhaps we will have sought support online with the NHS or with the National Childcare Trust. Postnatal depression however is far moreRead More

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Teenagers: soaring achievements & crashing self-esteem

Teenage depression   ‘Whatever my marks were, it was never enough…’ Tania, now 19. Depression among teenagers is now recognised as a national as well as a personal and family issue. With many teenagers turning to drugs to cope with academic stress and increase productivity, public and parental fears continue about the pressures on high-achieving teenagers todayRead More

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Improve focus & lose the stress: Mindfulness for attention issues

What is Mindfulness?   Despite an ambiguous name, Mindfulness actually describes the practise of unpacking the mind through focusing on just one action, activity or task at a time. ‘Why on earth would I want to do that?’ you might say. ‘I’m so BUSY!’ In daily life we’re always aiming to do more things atRead More

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Exercising the mind: fitness for mental health issues

Depression and exercise   With chocolate-laden Easter now behind us and warmer weather coming in at almost twice a week, (pretty good for London, and as ever, unexpected!), the focus for so many of us is all too suddenly on getting fit, trimming down and getting our bodies ready to look good and impress. Yes,Read More

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Coping with grief: the death of Peaches Geldof

Grief is once again at the heart of the nation with the recent and tragic discovery of the death of Peaches Geldolf. The shock of losing a daughter, sister, mother and friend so young has spurred the empathy and pain of many as they look to her famous father Bob for clues and statements. FromRead More

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